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Many people believe the weights are a modern invention but, that isn’t the case. References of the use of the kettlebell to train have been found in Russian dictionaries since 1704 and, those were originally the weights of the scales of the markets, used as steel balls for demonstrations of strength, resistance and coordination. Later on, they were used for the physical training of the Russian army.

Its shape is rounded and it looks like a cannonball, with a flat base so the same doesn’t roll and a handle on the upper part. They come in different weights which are usually between 4 and 50kg.

When we move throughout the day, be it to walk, cook, work or any activity whatsoever, we make numerous moves that involve all muscle groups in our body. The philosophy of the training with kettlebells is to look for a body that’s a coordinated and powerful machine, not made out of muscle exclusively.

So the main axiom of the kettlebell training is to learn how to involve as many muscles as possible in order to perform an extensive series of exercises; in other words, to teach our body to work as a team.

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