Jean Alvarez
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BootCamp is a routine of very intense aerobic exercise, with intervals of easier exercises in between to allow your body to recover and those are combined with muscle strength.

This discipline must be practiced outdoors, in a space with the necessary conditions to emulate a battlefield. Once you’re at the designated location you’ll perform exercises for your legs, abdomen, lunges, squats, climbing, jumping rope, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), pushups and moves for elongation and stretching, among others.

BootCamp constitutes a challenge for your physical and mental resistance and, it’s based on the spirit of achievement, an attitude to follow and accept orders under unexpected situations and especially, overcoming all obstacles faced in life.

After completing this experience each individual who participated will notice, without a doubt, an inner potency that will allow him/her to strengthen his/her character to successfully complete each situation or decision to be faced.

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