Jean Alvarez
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Fitness instructor # 00170, Personal Trainer # 0069

With over 15 years of experience, Jean Alvarez will take you beyond your limits, preparing your body so you can achieve great results.

He is motivated by a single purpose: to help you make the right decisions about your training and nutrition, transforming your body through perseverance and the firm conviction that this is more than fitness, it's a lifestyle.

Jean Alvarez is certified in bodybuilding, Body Fitness, Fitness and everything related to functional training. Also, he prepares athletes for BodyFitness and Bodybuilding Competition.


  • I.F.B.B, International Federation of Bodybuilding, International Certification
  • I.F.B.B, International Federation of Bodybuilding, Personal Trainer
  • I.F.B.B, International Federation of Bodybuilding, National Instructor (Venezuela)
  • F.T.S, Functional Training System, Personal
  • F.T.S, Functional Training System, Group
  • TRX Suspension Training Rip
  • TRX Suspension Training Group Class
  • TRX Suspension Training Personal Training
  • Super Slow System
  • Heavy Duty System
  • I.K.F.F, International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation, Level I & II